B-activ™ Reviews

Ken Pitwood – a highly practised back specialist with over 40 years experience:

“I have always used extensive massage when treating patients for a variety of back problems. Releasing muscle tension is essential for treatment to be effective. I am impressed with the b-activ™ system, as it can be self-used as a back massager whilst keeping to the self-controlled yoga principles of gentle stretching. It’s certainly original in its design and simple application.

In general, keeping the back and spine stimulated and supple in this way is a key benefit, not only for existing sufferers and those prone to back problems, but also to help prevent back strain injuries in those wishing to maintain a fitness regime and active lifestyle.”


Bob L - Harrow:

“Much better in every department than the products I"ve tried before - especially where it counts in long term relief.”


Vicky O - Bournemouth:

“I’ve been quite ill in the past with severe muscular problems after being admitted to intensive care in hospital. The b-active™ back massager is a real relief, helping to loosen up muscles between my shoulder blades that I can’t reach myself.

I would definitely say that using the massager has significantly speeded up my recovery, enabling me to get back to living a full and pain free life.”






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