New & Innovative 
b-activ™ is a revolutionary, patented product that can help to keep you active by combining instantly soothing back massage with longer term relief from its unique, active posture correction. 

Why b-activ™? 
Because studies show that keeping active is key to combating back pain, and b-activ's™ firm but gentle action really helps to keep your back supple and mobile. It's designed and built in the UK by people with back problems - for people with back problems. Try it and enjoy the peace of mind of our 30-day money back guarantee. Order today and get back on track with b-activ™! 


Relieve your back pain and correct your posture!


  • The b-activ™ back massager, an effective and safe way of relieving back pain and regaining mobility
  • Provides a deeply therapeutic rolling and vibrating muscle massage
  • Corrects posture through gentle stretching and flexing of your back
  • b-activ™ is completely under your control, massaging your back exactly where and how you want it



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